What people are saying about Big Grin Studios…

"Having known Eric for almost 10 years, I can say that he is one of the most dedicated individuals that I have worked with. I gave him my idea for an introduction to our youth rally and he turned it into a very creative professional video."
Mark Herwaldt, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry - Diocese of Rockford, Illinois

"What I look for in my working relationships are: People who return phone calls, go the extra mile to make things happen, keep a positive attitude, and think creatively. Eric is all of these. Our video on Interlinc has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of youth across America. I wouldn't just trust anyone with that!"
Alby Odum, Founder & Guitarist - Daniel's Window

"Eric is a gifted, creative, innovative, and original video producer. His work is outstanding. I truly enjoyed working with him during production of my video. He is very practical and down to earth and was very careful to manage the production process in order to keep the costs affordable without cutting corners and decreasing the quality of the final product. All of the people he worked with were impressed with his friendly, outgoing, laidback, and considerate manner. They were able to relax with him, which allowed for a more natural, efficient, and better production process. I highly recommend Eric and plan to work with him on any future videos."
Sally Mews, Founder & Director - Catholics Returning Home

"Big Grin Studios has provided videography services to Orthopaedic Associates of Dupage on several occasions that were done in the most efficient, professional and timely manner. The quality of work and suggested ideas have proven superior to previously used studios' productions. Big Grin's customer service is superb and Orthopaedic Associates of Dupage looks forward to retaining their services in the future."
Kimberly Gorney, Director of Marketing - Orthopaedic Associates of Dupage

"In working with Eric, it is evident that he both cares about and understands what it takes to create a work of great value. Eric is professional in the truest sense. He knows his trade well and is able to communicate that with his customers. Above all else, Eric has an unmistakable sense of purpose to his work that is not only refreshing but leads to a powerful final product."
Patrick Moynihan, President - The Haitian Project

"Working with Eric Groth of Big Grin Studios has been a very positive experience. He continued to work toward achieving the best possible lighting, sound, and angles throughout the entire project; then spent endless hours editing. I was speechless when I watched the end product. The amazing thing is he remained supportive, patient and determined even when it meant redoing things. I would recommend Big Grin Studios to anyone and look forward to working with Eric again."
Wendi Dwyer, Director - Art from the Heart Ministry

"Eric is a highly creative individual who is easy to work with. The quality of his work is excellent and the videos he produced for us were well received and utilized. He stays within budget limitations, making the most of limited resources. Eric worked effectively with people in the development of the videos. He was able to glean from the group involved their interest and intention for the video. He prodded them to clarify their message and encapsulated that message in an interesting and thought provoking way. If I were to commission additional videos, I would certainly hire Eric. I would have confidence that the product he produced would be of superior quality, concise, entertaining, and effective."
Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas, Bishop of Tucson - Diocese of Tucson, Arizona

"Working with Eric is a real pleasure. Eric took seven of us from all walks of life and created an eleven-minute video promoting our River Corridor Master Plan. Everyone who has seen the plan marvels at the result. Eric brings creativity and skillful editing to his projects."
Neal Smith, Executive Director - Downtown St. Charles Partnership, Inc.

"The parish of St. John Neumann has had the good fortune to experience the excellent professional skills offered by Big Grin Studios. Eric listens well, works with you to produce a great finished product that pleases you. I recommend Big Grin Studios without any reservation."
Msgr. Robert Hoffman, Pastor - St. John Neumann Parish

"Eric was a joy to work with, completely professional and yet very relaxed. He listened to our ideas and understood the message we wanted to convey, then he added his incredible creativity and expertise. The end result far exceeded our expectations. Eric is professional, creative, accommodating and easy to work with. I heartily recommend Big Grin Studios without reservation."
Darlene Marcusson, Executive Director - Lazarus House

"Eric is fantastic. I was prosecuting a case where we charged a woman for reckless homicide for going through a stop sign on a rural road and hitting an oncoming car. This crash occurred late at night. Eric met me at 11:30 p.m. on a weekday night, drove to the crash site, and worked with me to best capture the scene so I could demonstrate to the jury what happened the night of the crash. Eric went above and beyond what I ever would have expected, delivered the footage to me within a week, and did it for a price that we as a government agency could pay. I highly recommend Eric."
Clint Hull, Assistant State's Attorney - Dekalb County, Illinois

"Eric really listened to my thoughts and ideas for the project. He asked the right questions, and then delivered exactly what I was looking for. The quality I received ensures I will return to Big Grin Studios again and again. This is one happy customer."
Paul Clementi, Litigation Partner - Hinshaw & Culbertson LLC

"Having worked with other video production companies, Big Grin Studios was a real treat. It was clear that Eric truly cared about meeting our needs. He was a perfect balance of professionalism and a desire to know us personally to better meet our hopes for the project. Dozens of our clients have commented on the power of the promotional video Eric produced. Every potential client who saw the video hired me."
John Donahue Grossman, Speaker and Presenter - www.donahuegrossman.org